May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day today! My family loves Star Wars so each year we try to do some themed photos to celebrate. Usually I do a composite, but this year we went with more natural photos. I bought a costume for my client closet and we went down the road to try to find a barren spot, but this location was the best I found since we're in the beautiful and lush Tennessee. I thought about adding some snow capped mountains in the distance to make it look a little more like Alderaan, but I think these turned out nicely and didn't take me too long to edit. My son is certainly happy with them as you can tell!

So I now have this costume available in my client closet if anyone else is interested in a themed photoshoot in the Franklin, TN area or if you're willing to drive about 30-40 minutes then anyone in the Nashville area!

Here are some of my favorite Star Wars things around the house...

We have a growing collection of Star Wars around the house and I'm sure that there are lots more than this. We have light sabers we bought when we were at Disney last year and I don't have photos of those yet, but one of them is what my son is holding in the photos above! In our bathroom I also have matching white hand towels that say "I love you," and "I know." We used to have the Han Solo in carbonite shower curtain, but that thing kept making us think that there was someone in the bathroom with us and scaring us so we don't use it anymore lol!

If you'd like to know where I got any of these just send me a message any time!

Oh and the toaster makes the iconic R2-D2 chirps when you use it!