This session was so much fun! And it was really nice getting to meet this little boy and his mom! They came over to the house for a session for dinosaurs and a giraffe portraits mom had requested. As you can see in the door reflections from the "before" picture I had my son's huge dinosaur stuffed animal (that thing is literally taller than him lol!) and we used that to have a little fun during the session and to keep his attention.

On the Bronty one you might notice there's some crazy stuff going on around his head in the "before" picture and that's because it's a headswap! We liked the way his body was angled and how he carried himself in the original one, but preferred his facial expression from a different photo so I combined the two.

That's actually a very common thing for me to do during all of my sessions, not just these creative ones because I know you parents know your children better than me and you are the best at deciding which expression you'd prefer. I love to give parents that option to make sure that the portraits I create are perfect for you!

Click to see the full size image!

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