Styling Tips for Your Session

Have you booked your session and now wondering what to do next? Planning your outfits can seem like a daunting and frustrating task, but below I have put together some tips on what works best and some things to try to avoid in order to get the beautiful look you want to achieve for your photos. If you have any questions, need more advice, or would like to send me pictures of what you have to see if it will work for your session you can message me on Messenger any time HERE.

What works:

-       Texture – clothing with texture always photographs well.  Think cashmere, wool, chunky sweaters, linen, tulle skirts etc.  

-       Lace – no fabric photographs as beautifully as lace

-       Accessories – jewelry, scarves, a jacket or hat can add texture and depth to an outfit

-       Flowy material – I love flowy material for women and girls who love to twirl!

-       Bare feet or sandals – no shoes or low profile shoes add a level of intimacy

-       Small patterns mixed with solids -  when some subjects wear patterns and others wear solids it can tie everyone together without feeling too matchy-matchy.  Repeating colors can make the clothing feel cohesive

Try to avoid:

-       Big logos – they grab too much attention

-       Everyone matching – this just doesn’t stand the test of time and it doesn’t feel authentic or natural

-       Big stripes – they grab all the attention

-       Neon colors – in bright light neon can create color casting issues 


For Adults:

Baltic Born - My favorite for beautiful dresses

Flutter Dresses - beautiful textured dresses to buy or rent! These are super popular so I recommend renting at least 2 months in advance.

Joyfolie  - for incredible girl's and women's dresses 

Christy Dawn - love their dresses and bonus this brand is good for the earth

Hope & Henry - another good-for-the-earth shop with beautiful natural clothes for everyone in the family

Vici Dolls - dresses

Pink Blush - lots of variety of dresses for maternity + beyond

For Children:

Bailey's Blossoms - beautiful children's clothes, costumes, and couture at great prices

Dollcake - Gorgeous couture dresses and outfits for children!

Taylor Joelle - beautiful and themed clothes for kids and adults

Only Little Once - The Fairy Godmother of Dresses!

Joyfolie  - for incredible girl's dresses

Hope & Henry - great for the whole family and love the boy's clothes here

Jamie Kay - beautiful organic children's clothes

Rylee and Cru - artistic and imaginative clothing for the modern child

Zara - children's clothes

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